The critical challenge of oil and gas exploration and production management is reaching a
balance between safety, cost and quality. Subsurface Drill provides the answer  in well
completion and workover operations with a fleet of modern state-of-the-art 340k standalone
HWO/Snubbing units. Managed by the full complement of our well trained and motivated staff,
we provide a comprehensive range of intervention services on live or dead wells. excellent
safety record is a model in the industry, and we are constantly improving on the standards.
Equipment Specification:

The skid mounted 340k standalone unit is designed to perform hydraulic workover operations on
dead or highly pressurized oil and gas wells. The 340k unit is the most versatile and flexible
of all standalone Snubbing unit specifications, it is famous for reliability and mobility, this
is evidenced by its wide usage in Snubbing operations around the world. The 340k is more than
capable to fit the need of any conventional workover rig.


  • Removal and installation of all types of completions
  • Well clean out
  • Fishing operations
  • Milling
  • Packer setting
  • Remedial operations
  • Installation and Removal of ESP Pumping systems
  • Well Head Re-configuration.

1. Excellent cost / Quality ratio
2. Multi functional
3. Flexible
4. Small footprint
5. Mobility - It can be disassembled in easy transportable sections with a weight less than 10T
6. Onshore and Offshore application


  • Workover Services
  • Completion Services
  • Snubbing Services
  • Well Control Services
  • Re-entry Services
  • Tools rental Services
  • Equipment rental Services
  • Drilling Services
  • Sidetracking Services
  • Technical and Supervisory Services


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